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Clays Mill Baptist Church in Nicholasville Organizes Safety and Security Training Amid Rising Hostile Acts Against Churches

Church security training session

Clays Mill Baptist Church in Nicholasville to Host Safety and Security Training

Nicholasville, KY – Responding to an alarming increase in hostile acts against churches, leaders at Clays Mill Baptist Church are mobilizing to ensure their facility and attendees are not part of the escalating statistics. Over 400 such acts have occurred in recent years, as reported by the Family Research Council. To stave off becoming another number, the church is proactive in its approach to safety and security.

Proactive Measures to Enhance Security

Heading this initiative is the safety minister director, Tim Hazlett. “We don’t want to wait for something to happen and try to figure out what to do,” Hazlett posited. “We want to be prepared ahead of time and take measures to avoid it.” One significant step that the church is taking is the hosting of a safety and security training on June 22. The aim is to have an actionable emergency plan while fostering a sense of safety for those attending the church.

“Congregants should feel safe and not be anxious about coming to church,” Tim opined. Southland Christian Church, Lancaster Baptist Church, and Better Life Church will team up with the Clays Mill Baptist for this conference, helping spread safety knowledge through a comprehensive four-step plan, including prevention, preparation, response, and recovery.

Awake to the Threat

Tim also warned against complacency, emphasizing that “The worst thing that they can do is say, ‘It will never happen here.’ Because there is no place that is immune.” Indeed, the upcoming safety and security conference are open to all churches, highlighting the need for a community-wide alertness against potential threats.

Clays Mills Baptist Church only asks those interested to register ahead of time at The effort of Clays Mills Baptist Church is a step towards safety education and preparedness, ensuring that communities can worship in peace without the fear of becoming another statistic in hostile acts against religious institutions.

About Security Training in Churches

In recent years, safety and security training has become increasingly important in religious establishments. The rise in hate crimes and violence towards religious congregations has necessitated the need for proactive approaches. Such trainings typically include elements of threat assessment, emergency response planning, and even medical training. The end goal of such initiatives is to ensure the safety and security of all churchgoers, minimizing risks and promoting a peaceful environment for worship.

Clays Mill Baptist Church in Nicholasville Organizes Safety and Security Training Amid Rising Hostile Acts Against Churches

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