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Fayette County, Kentucky

Lexington has a robust mayor and city council system in place. The mayor acts as the city’s top executive and the city council serves as the city’s principal legislative body in this style of municipal administration.

There are 15 members in the municipal council. Three are chosen at large for four-year periods, while the other 12 are elected for two-year terms by the city’s 12 districts.


The mayor is the chief executive of the city. The mayor’s duties include establishing a budget, signing legislation into law, selecting departmental directors, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the city. The mayor has veto authority and is the city’s representative at the state, national, and international levels. Linda Gorton is the current Mayor of Lexington (nonpartisan). On January 6, 2019, Gorton took office.

City council

Lexington’s principal legislative body is the Lexington City Council, often known as the Urban County Council. It is in charge of approving mayoral appointments, levying taxes, and enacting or revising city laws, rules, and ordinances.


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