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Neighborhood Spotlight: Reservorir


Neighborhood Spotlight: Reservorir

Everyone is welcome at Reservorir Neighborhood. With your health and lifestyle in mind, Reservorir offers a selection of secure and beautiful neighborhoods. Each of the neighborhoods is close to fantastic schools, lush parks, and opulent shopping complexes. Reservorir has an affluent home for you, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a family looking to buy you a forever home. Reservorir cherishes every member of our community by providing all the conveniences.

Reservorir facilities offer a better quality of living than 83% of other neighborhoods in Fayette County, Kentucky. The neighborhood takes pride in providing opportunities to enjoy a healthy, safe, and satisfying life. The cost of living in Reservorir is 18% more expensive than the US average. The income per capita here is $54,409, which is 82% higher than the US average.

Reservorir has many onsite parks and pools, sporting facilities, walking trails, bike paths, and a disc golf course. Members of Reservorir community have access to dog parks and high-class childcare facilities.


Lexington, KY 40515


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